Symrise AG investerar i Bropelaren Invests portföljbolag Indevex Biotech.


Nu investerar även det multinatinella tyska bolaget Symrise i Indevex Biotech, ett bolag som Bropelaren Invest (där Centrecourt är managementbolag) investerat i under de senaste månaderna.

Symrise Takes Minority Stake in Functional Food Innovator Indevex
Date:28 Feb 2012

Summary:Symrise has just taken a 15% minority stake in single million digit-sized innovation company Indevex and gained a seat on the board of directors. The business move to create a joint innovation pipeline has long term objectives in functional food innovation and is unlikely to wield sales in the near future.

Feb 28 2012 --- As part of its growth strategy, Symrise AG is once again focusing on emerging markets and rapidly growing market segments in 2012. In this context the Company recently finalized two acquisitions and a strategic partnership.

Symrise purchased the Brazilian activities of fragrance manufacturer Belmay and will transfer these to its own site. Symrise is also strengthening its dynamically growing natural ingredients business with its acquisition of the US manufacturer Trilogy Fragrances. In addition, the Company agreed to a strategic partnership with the Swedish biotech firm Indevex regarding the similarly expanding segment of Consumer Health.

Symrise has just taken a 15% minority stake in single million digit-sized innovation company Indevex and gained a seat on the board of directors. The business move to create a joint innovation pipeline has long term objectives in functional food innovation and is unlikely to wield sales in the near future, Bernhard Kott at Symrise explained.

We are just in the development phase. The objective on both sides is to develop more complete solutions for functional foods and supplements, Kott told FoodIngredientsFirst. Indevex have certain unique and patented ingredients which we are trying out and leveraging our knowledge in applications. They can offer functional ingredients and complex solutions and we see lots of long term business opportunities.?

Through an exclusive strategic partnership with Indevex Biotech (Storebro, Sweden), Symrise is strengthening its Consumer Health division, which was founded in 2009. Indevex produces a patented nutrient complex (NGC) and markets this primarily through a licensing model. The product concept for medical nutrition, health and functional foods as well as products for losing weight, optimally complement Symrises existing portfolio.

Symrise and Indevex have also agreed to develop new product concepts through joint research and development. Furthermore, Symrise has secured access to a Scandinavian biotech network with existing product partnerships. Symrise is assuming a minority stake and will be represented on Indevexs Board of Directors by Dr. Bertram.

Indevex Biotech was founded in 2000 in collaboration with Professor Stig Steen of Lund University with the aim of marketing a unique food composition. Indevexs nutrition technology derives from a deep understanding of the nutritional and energy needs for both healthy and unhealthy individuals in order for them to function optimally.

The nutritional powder mix NGC nutrition formula contains all eight of the essential amino acids that the body is incapable of producing for itself and thus must be provided through diet. An optimal nutrition should contain all twenty amino acids in the correct quantities and this something that the NGC powder mix also does. The powder also contains fatty acids in a preferred balance, including the essential Omega-3 and Omega-6. Furthermore it contains slow carbohydrates and dietary fibres that all add up to a very low glycaemic index (GI) of only 16 which provides a very stable blood sugar response. The ingredient ratio of protein, fat and carbohy-drates is 5:1:4 and one serving of NGC is only 15 grams.

The exact protein and fat composition, including three highly potent organic sources, means that the basic daily nutritional requirement is achieved with just three servings of NGC. One serving of NGC is most certainly a small volume of food (15 grams dry ingredient to be mixed into a food product) but with its high nutritional value it provides a unique amino/ fatty acid balance and GI-dampening effect, no less than a nutritional luxury meal.

The dry NGC ingredient can be included in soups, drinks and bakery products or directly into food or sauces. It is also the basic ingredient in nutritional shake mixes, ready-to-drink beverages and so-called energy/protein bars. The powders basic structure is an old fashion food with a minimal impact on the blood sugar response. The formula ensures that the body receives its essential building blocks on a daily basis. This is the single, most important factor in creating wellbeing and the basis for good health and the ability to prevent illness, leaving aside whatever else may be happening in life.

The formula includes 100% natural ingredients. These are derived from pea, special omega-3 eggs, whey (no casein), rosehip, apple and fibres from sugar beet. Each step of its production is quality and safety controlled in line with the highest food production standards. The ingredients are mechanically treated (heat, air, steam, pressure) to form a powder and are totally free from synthetic processes.

Controlled studies have documented the positive effects of the NGC-formula in a number of parameters like: the glycaemic index (healthy volunteers, obese individuals and diabetics); mental functions - in terms of concentration - and problem solving abilities (school children, company employees); weight reduction (obese individuals); metabolic syndrome (monitored at health checks); blood sugar; insulin and blood pressure (diabetics); wellbeing after meals with varying GI (healthy volunteers) and obesity among children. The studies were conducted at Swedish as well as at foreign universities and followed good scientific practice. These studies are avail¬able as printouts and on file.

One unique and well-documented effect was that the powder mix produced a good feeling of satiety without relinquishing any blood sugar increase. A single serving of the powder shake mixed in water contains a low 70 kcal but is still acknowledged to have improved energy and mental focus. The unique formula is ingeniously simple and it is amazing how so little food can provide such a quantity of nutrition. All that is required to secure the daily intake of all essential proteins needed for optimal cell restructure etc., is 3 NGC products of any kind. Even individuals who are malnutritioned or sick people with little appetite are capable of handling this and in the case of normally healthy individuals, this is asking very little of them in order to ensure continued wellbeing and good health.

The nutritional formula is patented in Sweden, China and India with the patent pending for USA, EU and Canada.

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