Swedish Biotech Company Indevex AB today
has announced that Apoteket AB is launching
a range of nutrition wellness products based on
Indevex patented NGC? Technology.

Apoteket AB is launching the products under its own label,
Apoteket. The launch includes High Protein Shakes
(Ready to Drink and Powder based) and Bars. The
products are supported by Indevex NGC Preload
Christer Franzén, CEO of Indevex; We are proud
to be able to support the leading Swedish pharmacy
chain with our NGC? Preload concept including a
range of nutritional products. We have been supplying
our nutrition concepts to consumers via strategic
partnerships for several years and we notice that
the demand for natural products is steady increasing
within the market segments of healthy meals.
Heléne van den Brink, Product Manager at
Apoteket AB; Apotekets mission is to inspire people
to live a life of health, and this new product range is a
way of giving people support in their e!orts to acquire
a healthy weight. Together with support from a
coaching program o!ered by us, the products provide
people a new way of changing their behavior towards
a healthier lifestyle. Indevex has been instrumental in
supporting us to develop this new product line.
Magnus Sederholm, MD, PhD and Medical Adviser
to Indevex; NGC Preload combines breakthrough
results in medical science, based on (1) studies of diet
regimens aiming at reducing ingestion of unhealthy
carbohydrates/reducing unnecessary calorie intake
and (2) the blend of nutrients with high quality proteins
and low GI. This has proven to be the most powerful
combination for weight management according,
among others, the famous Diogenes study, financed
by EU with participation of 8 countries (N Engl J
Med 363;22).
For more information contact Centrecourt AB.

About Apoteket AB:
Apoteket AB is the leadings Swedish pharmacy
chain and it is Apotekets goal to inspire and help
people achieve a life of health. The Group works
with both consumers and operators on the nursing
and health-care market. Via pharmacies throughout
the country, Apoteket o!ers private individuals
prescription and non-prescription drugs, a wide
selection of health-care products, counseling and
other services aimed at promoting a life of health.

About Indevex Biotech:
Indevex AB (publ) is a scientifically based Biotech
company from Sweden, being a natural and reliable
partner providing evidence based natural nutrition
based on the NGC Formula. Indevex nutrition
technology derives from a deep understanding of
the nutritional and energy needs for both healthy
individuals and unhealthy lifestyles. Indevex holds
a comprehensive IP platform for NGC globally.

About NGC Preload:
Wellness Concept
NGC Preload Concept is a 100% natural nutrition
concept that is high in protein and fibre and provides
a low GI. NGC Preload Concept is based on the
patented NGC Formulation and contains carefully
selected high quality ingredients: Proteins and
healthy fats from pea, whey, Omega3-eggs. Carbohydrates
from apple and rosehip, and fibre from
sugar beet.
All ingredients in the NGC Formulation are natural
and have been combined to provide an excellent
balance of essential proteins and fats, slow digested
carbohydrates and fibres and a from ingredients
naturally provided vitamins and minerals. In all
adding important nutritional values and lower GI to
several applicable meal and snack meal products in
a natural way.
Preload is a scientifically proven concept to
reduce the ingestion of unhealthy/simple carbohydrates
and its consequences for plasma glucose,
diabetes, weight and metabolic syndrome. A nutrientrich
preload with a low GI given 30 minutes before
major meals increases satiety, stabilizes low blood
sugar and reduces meal sizes, mechanisms which
are related to the preload proteins´ e!ect on digestion.